"I wanted to say thanks again for spending time with Logan and Carter and for a very valuable one hour session with them.  They both came away very motivated and discussed the new input and valuable perspective you gave them all the way home!!


I am a big believer that you can make a major difference in someones hitting with the right coaching (and already solid fundamentals).... and I am also a big believer in game speed repetition (with the right fundamentals... and think you helped the boys a lot ahead of their weekend tourney's.  Carter had an 8-9 weekend with 2 HR's (220 foot fence), 3 doubles and a triple and was visibly getting more elevation and velocity on his hits.  Logan was 6-8 with 2 doubles that short hopped the fence (On LF and one RF) at Polo Grounds in Manteca and the exit velocity seemed substantially greater for him as well.  I know that one tourney does not make a trend but there was definitely a correlation!!  It also motivated them to learn more from you, so we will be back soon!"

- Todd

"As a parent and high school coach I can tell you there is no better facility in Tracy or the surrounding area than TDO. Their staff is knowledgeable and they have the equipment and facility to make any level player achieve their goals. TDO will make you a better player."

- Matt S.


"TDO is an outstanding baseball training facility for all ages. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable and are always willing to help a kid get to the next level."


- Cheryl and Ray S.

"The Dugout was a great place for our son to develop and grow as an athlete and  personally. At “TDO” it is all about the kids. The goal at “TDO” is to take younger athletes and teach them what it means to be a “Student Athlete” and what it takes to continue on thru to high school and beyond.


Some of the primary focus items being taught are the fundamentals of baseball, speed and agility, the importance of achieving good grades in school and most of all being a respectful person. One thing we appreciated when the Coaches had their talks and speeches with the teams was they were not about screaming and yelling about what went wrong at the games, they were more about  giving the kids some inspiration, and having these young athletes find their passion for the game. “TDO” truly represents there is no “I” in TEAM slogan.


Our son loved it here! He feels they have helped train and prepare him to move on to the next level and will definitely be returning for private lessons to keep up with his game. We definitely do recommend any parent to take their “Student Athletes” to The Dugout."

- The Gonzales Family


"The Dugout is exactly what Tracy needed. The entire coaching staff and facility are top notch. Rick & Samantha Ruzbarsky have created an amazing, family centric training facility and baseball program that our family has loved being a part of.


The TDO Titans baseball teams have been a fantastic experience for our son. Not only do they teach solid fundamentals with experienced coaches but Patrick Kirby and his coaching staff put a heavy emphasis on team work, character building and family. It’s not, “win at all costs”, but win with class and sportsmanship.


We hope to be a part of the TDO family for years to come as they teach our son what it means to be a leader and a positive influence for others."

- Pam C., Tracy

"My son has been taking lessons and playing on TDO’s travel ball teams for the past two years.  He has taken lessons from several instructors for hitting and pitching and the instructors and facility are outstanding.


The coaching he has received at TDO has helped him improve as a baseball player and student athlete.  Our experience on the travel teams have been excellent.  My son has played for serval organizations in Tracy and this has by far been the best team he has played for.


 The coaches, student athletes and parents have truly made my son’s baseball experience top notch.  I feel he has been well prepared as he enters high school."

- Alison F., Tracy


"My son plays for TDO travel ball and we couldn't be happier. They have great coaches good staff. They're all about teaching the kids the fundamentals of the game. For TDO it's not all about winning, but are you understanding the game and how it is played.

Also, having good character is very important. They also teach this. They do their best to prepare you for high school level play as well. We are looking forward to the next season. If you're looking to join a team I believe you will be very happy with TDO."

- Mike and Maggie K., Tracy


"TDO has been an absolutely wonderful experience for our son and our family.  I highly recommend them to any young man who loves the sport of baseball and wants to play for a good travel-ball team who teaches the basic fundamentals of life.  


Rick and his team of knowledgeable coaches not only teach baseball, they teach important life skills.  Rick is an "old school" type of guy, who values eye contact, a firm handshake, punctuality, honesty, and hard work.  His student athletes will understand these values while having the time of their lives playing their beloved sport.  We were so lucky to come across TDO at the time that we did.  


Our family had an amazing, once in a lifetime experience in Cooperstown, and enjoyed two seasons watching our son play for TDO.  It is time for our son to move on to high school ball and we feel he is more than ready.  I am, though, sad to see that our time with TDO is over.  So many great memories, and great people that will forever be our friends!"

- Melanie P., Tracy 




"Huge kudos to TDO! Though I am not typically one to make sweeping endorsements, this organization has made a major impact on my son’s baseball development. It is a welcoming environment that builds confidence and skill. The owner Rick and the Director of Operations, Patrick, both invite feedback and client suggestions.


On the baseball side, student athletes are held to high expectations and personal accountability. They have developed a model that is beneficial to all ages and skill levels. My son would live at the facility if I let him. I can’t thank them enough for making him feel an important part of the TDO family."

- Gary H., Tracy